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Think-Feel-Do: The Single, Most Powerful Way
to Assure Campaign Success

Here’s the most important question you can ask when developing a campaign or any kind of messaging: "How will we know it’s effective?"

To meet objectives, there need to be objectives. We say KISS: Keep it simple and strategic. For every message, specify in advance what people should think when they encounter your message, what they should feel, and what they should do.

Here’s an example that shows different Think-Feel-Do objectives for the same campaign and same audience.

Target audience: Sedentary boomer women
Campaign purpose: Motivate more physical activity

Message concept: Leverage social norms
Key message: Other, similar women are active and exercising
Think objective: Other women my age are exercising — I should too
Feel objective: Concern about falling behind
Do objective: Call a friend and schedule a walking date

Message concept: Build self-efficacy
Key message: You have the ability to be more active
Think objective: I can do this — I’ll start small
Feel objective: Confidence and excitement
Do objective: Go for 10-minute walk that day

Can you envision how each set of Think-Feel-Do objectives will differentially shape creative message development, execution, and evaluation?

Set Think-Feel-Do objectives for your next message. 1) Get everyone on the same page, 2) provide guidance that inspires creativity (yes, really!), 3) keep on strategy, 4) produce better results.

With this approach, you’ll know when you’re effective.

Give it a shot!

Moshe Engelberg, Ph.D., M.P.H.
ResearchWorks, Inc.

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