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Are Your Heart and Courage Welcome at Work?

“I just can’t check my heart at the door anymore,” a longtime client told me. She’s questioning how to continue with her rather heartless company, when doing so makes her suppress a core part of who she is

We work with a lot of large organizations; unfortunately this situation is not uncommon. Why do so many businesses require their people to come to work less than whole? Probably because it’s less messy. When people bring their whole selves in, it’s not so neat and tidy for management. And not so predictable.

But the company that makes employees check their compassion at the door loses its humanity as a result. The organization that makes its people turn off their courage produces a risk-averse CYA culture that stifles true innovation. How can such a business do authentic marketing? How can they possibly achieve customer intimacy? They can’t.

The reality is that employees cannot effectively suppress their heart and soul and still be fully productive. Instead they become resentful, stop trying so hard, and stop caring. Eventually they mentally check out or leave. Plus their feelings inevitably leak out through weak marketing and insincere communications.

Heart and soul, compassion and courage — they do shake things up. But they also provide so much more richness; and make for much happier employees who can connect much better with customers. Which makes for better business.

What will it take for your organization to encourage people to bring their whole selves into work?

Moshe Engelberg, Ph.D., M.P.H.
ResearchWorks, Inc.

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