Your Next Product Launch: How To Knock It Out Of
The Park!

Product launches are exciting. But it's not easy to convert a bunch of features and benefits into a successful launch campaign.

We developed the proprietary Product Launch Message Mapping System™ to reliably generate the powerful messages and visuals needed for a “home run” launch campaign. It maps (1) the impacts you want to have on your customers, to (2) what you want them to think, feel, and do when they experience your communications, to (3) the message and visuals that accomplish those objectives. This image illustrates the mapping process within a simple, cohesive framework.

Bottom line, you effectively take customers down a path of impacts — from attention to action. What’s the best way to grab the attention of your customers? Should it be a message about becoming a leader in the field, a visual showing better diagnostics, or a promise of gaining new patients? By using our research-based system to develop, test and refine your messages and visuals, you end up finding the most effective communications for your new product or service that maps back to the impacts you want to have on your customers.

The Product Launch Message Mapping System™ also builds strategic alignment between product managers, marcom, and sales. The impacts, objectives, and the creative are all derived from a careful combination of customer research and persuasion principles. The result is a launch campaign that powerfully appeals to customers, hooks them emotionally, and accelerates sales. Use it, and knock it out of the park!

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Moshe Engelberg, Ph.D., M.P.H.
ResearchWorks, Inc.

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