How To Create A World Class Customer Experience:
Get The Journey Right

There are equal parts hype and confusion around creating a world-class customer experience. Start by getting the customer journey right. We designed this 3-step process, part of our CustomerFirst™ Framework, to show you how.

  1. Understand the Customer Journey. Observe customers as they deal with their challenges and engage with your product and company. Listen to what they want and need. Gain a rich understanding of the problems customers face, their workflow needs and limitations, what they find frustrating and motivating, how they really want their experience to be, and what turns them off.
  2. Map the Customer Journey. List all the interactions or “touchpoints” between you and your customers. Visually sequence these touchpoints across three stages – before, during and after using your product. Color-code key touchpoints to signify which are hotspots that need troubleshooting, which are opportunities for you to provide greater value, and which can differentiate you from competition.
  3. Improve the Customer Journey. Set objectives for what you want customers to think, feel, and do (i.e. experience) at each significant touchpoint. For example, when researching product options, you might want them to think your product is easiest to use, to feel confident in their assessment, and to contact a sales rep. Use these objectives to drive how you optimize the customer journey at each touchpoint.

Once you get the customer journey right, then work backward to design the technology that's needed to bring it to life. Then it’s not just your product, but the whole customer experience that sets you apart.

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Moshe Engelberg, Ph.D., M.P.H.
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