How to Turn Around Lagging Sales: The 6 Level "Customer First" Approach

Are you losing customer interest by pitching your solution prematurely? Don't. Instead, target your pitch to meet customers where they're at. Then, strategically move customers through the six levels of understanding and motivation necessary to want to buy your product. Remember: customer before product, problem before solution.

One health IT company with lagging sales kept pressuring their reps to pitch how their software improved medical device data integration better than competitors — a Level 5 pitch. However, customers didn't believe that a lack of data integration across devices was an urgent problem. Sales reps needed to get customers through Level 1 problem awareness, well before pitching their product as the best solution.

Don't just guess what level your pitch should first target. Use our Think vs. Know approach so your team can recognize what they assume vs. what they know about what level customers are at. Then do the research to a) verify what level customers actually are at, and b) reveal the corresponding reasons to believe and emotional hooks. Now you have what you need to pitch at the right level, persuasively move customers through the six levels, and make the sale!

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Moshe Engelberg, Ph.D., M.P.H.
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