Marketing Intelligence in Healthcare: How To Maximize Your ROI With The Deep-Wide-Long Approach

Healthcare companies are constantly investing in new ideas, hoping to bring to market the next big winner. Knowing where to put your money requires a strategic and integrated marketing intelligence (MI) approach, not a series of fragmented, one-off research projects. For companies offering multiple products, diverse product lines or different brands, MI projects that focus solely on a single product or service can lead to missed opportunities and diminished ROI.

We developed the Deep-Wide-Long integrated MI framework to help companies realize more market opportunities and increase their ROI. This more strategic approach involves going deep on the main topic, wide by investigating adjacent issues, and long by exploring trends and emerging opportunities.

Example: You’re primarily conducting discovery research with cardiologists on stents (deep). To take full advantage of your research with cardiologists, you can also secondarily explore their reactions to your value proposition for device integration and new ideas for catheters (wide). Plus, you can investigate brand perceptions or trends that impact the whole cardiology business (long) to advance longer-term business objectives.

Your cardiology customers don’t buy stents in isolation of other practice decisions. Neither should your MI projects deal solely with one discrete product. The integrated Deep-Wide-Long approach leverages every MI project so that no single product or service is assessed within a vacuum. That way every project accrues maximum benefit to your business and the customers you serve.

The incremental cost of going Deep-Wide-Long is small compared to the value. The payoff can be enormous.

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