Win Internal Support for Putting the Customer First in Your Marketing

How do you win company support for customer-centered marketing when colleagues are hyperfocused on product specs or hitting their numbers? Use the three-part CustomerFirst™ Virtuous Circle:

  1. Understand Your Internal Customers: Ask questions to assess their near-term and longer-terms needs, desires, pain points, and success metrics. Learn what they think about your marketing goals. Show them you understand where they’re coming from—empathize! And let them know their contributions are essential.
  2. Find Persuasion Levers: You want to move your internal stakeholders from where they are now to where you want them to be—supportive of putting the customer first in your marketing (doing VOC research, testing marketing strategies, etc.).
    1. Use the Think vs. Know technique to help your colleagues identify their high-risk assumptions about customers.
    2. Use Zero-Based Thinking to start with a blank slate and generate fresh thinking about customers.
    3. Use Two Paths to Persuasion to leverage the “direct path” to rationally win your colleagues’ support with information and data. And use the “indirect path” to win support by getting them to first take the action you want, making them feel vested in the outcome, and letting their reason and appreciation follow.
  3. Win Buy-In: Apply the simple and powerful Think/Feel/Do framework to establish and implement goals for exactly what impact —thoughts, feelings, and actions, you want to have on your internal stakeholders.

Apply the CustomerFirst™ Virtuous Circle to get the “YES” for customer-centered marketing, and create winning marketing strategy and campaigns.

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