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Social Networking: How Less is More
OR The Hidden Marketing Opportunity!

May 2011by Moshe Engelberg, Ph.D.

Like most game-changing innovations, online social networking has the potential for tremendous good. And a fair amount of bad as well. Like spending way more time on things that don't really matter to you; reducing relationships to brief electronic communications; and especially, not living your life in alignment with your values. These things also happen to your customers, clients, patients, employees, and partners. Now you can create customer intimacy and grow your business by protecting them from these "evils" of online social networking.

Broaden your thinking to the marketing opportunities of LESS. Consider how you can stand out by liberating them from the downsides of online social networking. Freedom from the shackles of always being "on." Of expectations of instant access. Of having your whereabouts and activities known to all. And perhaps most of all, freedom from instant gratification.

Your products or services may directly provide these freedoms. Certainly, your messages can, in these three ways:

  1. Permission: Let them know it's not just okay but better to "unplug" sometimes.
  2. Shared Values: Let your people know you can help them get back to what they really care about.
  3. Cool: This is the "new normal." They are on the cutting edge. And so are you!

How will you provide your customers this gift of freedom?

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