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Is Your Value Proposition Any Good?

July 2009by Moshe Engelberg, Ph.D.


Your value proposition tells "customers" – whether end users, investors, or partners – why they should choose what you offer. Most aren't very good. An online research group studied value propositions by offering a $100,000 prize for the best one. 86% of entrants scored poorly.

A good value proposition describes the tangible results (value) customers will get in exchange for their time, money, or involvement. It's the promise you deliver on.

GOOD: Tangible results, clear benefits, solves specific problems, simple, honest BAD: Mostly about you, feature-laden, not measurable, unrealistic, complicated

Google Adwords changed the nature of internet advertising with their value proposition: "Reach people actively looking for information about your products and services online." As the leader in low prices and huge selection, Walmart promises "Save money. Live better."

Think about what matters to your "customers" – whether internal or external: Increase your funding by 15% every year, get your product to market in half the time, reduce customer churn within three months, get employees on board with your vision, choose the right new product to launch, double the uptake of your programs and services, increase participation on your web site by 25%, and so forth.

Now, choose a product or service you offer. Describe your value proposition in once sentence. Then share it with customers and prospects: Do they care? If it's good, they sure will! If not, contact us. We'll make your value proposition so compelling, that it will measurably increase your business within thirty days. Guaranteed.

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